Fazenda Canaã (Lot 2)

  • Country
  • State
    Minas Gerais
  • Town
    Água Boa
  • Variety
    Red and Yellow Catuaí
  • Processing
    Pulped Natural
  • Owner
    Ismair Campos

Fully bodied, smooth mouthfeel, with nectarine sweetness and notes of dried apricot, chocolate brownie and praline and a creamy finish. A well structured coffee that would make a delicious espresso.

Ismair Campos was raised in a family of coffee producers in the city of Machado in southeast Minas Gerais. Inspired by his father’s work in the coffee fields, he bought Fazenda Canaã in 1974 and started producing coffee near the town of Água Boa, in northeast Minas Gerais. At the time, there were no other coffee farms in the area, but Ismair recognised that the region had great conditions for producing high quality coffee – relatively high altitudes, 1,200mm rainfall per annum and fertile soil – and so he set about pioneering coffee production in the area.


Fazenda Canaã is 212 hectares in size, and nearly half of the farm is dedicated to coffee. Ismair works alongside his sons, who have joined him in the family business. They also produce eucalyptus. Ismair lives on the farm, and oversees quality control. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the standard of coffee he produces each year, and to make it better than the last.

This particular lot of coffee from Fazenda Canaã is a mix of Catuaí Amarelo (yellow) and Catuaí Vermelho (red) varieties. Catuaí is a hybrid of Mundo Novo and Yellow Caturra that was developed by the Campinas Agronomic Institute (ICA) in Brazil in 1949. Arising in both yellow and red varieties, the cultivar is a high yielding, vigorous plant and represents around 50% of all coffee varieties grown within Brazil. The name “Catuaí” means ‘very good’ in Tupi-Guarani language. With careful and adequate nutrition, Catuaí can produce a very sweet cup.


This coffee was carefully picked when the cherries were fully ripe, and pulped to remove the outside layer of fruit. It was then dried with the mucilage still attached; spread in layers of about four centimetres and raked several times a day.

We picked this coffee blind from the cupping table on our most recent trip to Brazil. We were very impressed with the quality. The coffee has a heavy body and refined red currant acidity, which is balanced with a brown sugar sweetness. In the cup, there are notes of cocoa powder, raisins and roasted almond, with a lingering, creamy milk chocolate finish. This is the first year that we’ve bought coffee from Fazenda Canaã. We hope to build an ongoing relationship with Ismair and his sons in the years to come.