Fazenda Guarani (Lot 3)

  • Country
  • State
    Espirito Santo
  • Region
    Piaçu District, Muniz Freire
  • Variety
  • Processing
    Pulped Natural
  • Owner
    Maximo Thezolin

Elegant and transparent with floral aroma, butterscotch sweetness, orange acidity and notes of  peach, mango, brown sugar and apricot.

This coffee was produced by Mr Maximo Thezolin, a fourth generation coffee farmer. Fazenda Guarani was originally owned by his great grandfather, and passed on, generation to generation until his took it over from his father in 1990. Today the farm is managed by Mr Maximo and his father, who has continued to help in the family business.

Fazenda Guarani is located near the small municipality of Piaçu, which is located in the district of Muniz Freire in the state of Espirito Santo, near the mountainous border of Minas Gerais and the Matas de Minas growing region. Great potential for exceptional coffee has been found along this border, with high altitudes and rich, fertile soil, and good annual rainfall providing good conditions for specialty coffee.

Fazenda Guarani is 250 hectares in size, 100 of which is dedicated to coffee. The farm is planted out with Catucaí and Catuaí variety plants. All of the coffee is hand picked. This particular lot is 100% Catucaí, and it processed using the pulped natural method. After pulping the ripe hand picked cherries, the coffee was laid to dry on a patio, with the sticky mucilage still attached. They were then carefully dried in the sun and turned regularly to ensure the coffee dried evenly and consistently.

Mr Maximo and his father care deeply about the environment and go to great lengths to preserve the natural springs close their property. Preserving the natural environment and protecting their land is at the heart of everything they do, is is something that has been passed on from generation to generation.

This is the first year we have purchased from Fazenda Guarani, but we hope to be able to buy from this farm again and establish a long term relationship with Mr Maximo. We have been so impressed with the quality of this coffee on the cupping table, and have brought 3 different lots this season. We hope you enjoy it!