Shipment Update – July 2018


We have received our first Guatemalan container (at the end of June) and have two beautiful coffees from Huehuetenango available:

La Providencia is produced by third generation coffee producer Max Villatoro. It is full bodied, with plum berries and dark chocolate.  This is the second year we have purchased from this farm and we were lucky enough to visit it this year. We were impressed by the scale of the farm and the care taken in processing the coffee.  We love this coffee for espresso either as a single or in a blend.

San Pedro Necta is an organic coffee from small producers in the region. This is the first time that we have purchased this coffee – it stood out on the table for its unique tropical profile and we got very excited! This coffee is floral and complex with sparkling orange acidity notes of kiwi, berries and honeydew melon.

Our second container from Guatemala is due in mid August. This will include new arrivals from Santa Isabel and Santa Sofia. The selections come from the highest points on these farms where the coffee ripens slower (and therefore later in the harvest).  Both of these coffees will make exceptional singles.


El Aguila and El Carmen are due to land at the end of July. Both are very versatile and will work well as single espresso and in a blend.


​Our Kenyan container has been delayed due to heavy rain and strikes at the port of Mombasa. Our container is on the water and due for delivery early August. These coffees are worth the wait – the pre-ships have all been outstanding and a reminder of why Kenya’s best coffees are some of the most celebrated in the world.​ They are quickly selling out, so please get in touch if you want to reserve any.


Our stunning selection of Ethiopians are on the water and on track to land at the start of August. We have some beautiful washed and natural coffees from Yirgacheffe, Guji and Djimma arriving. See the full list here.