Bring on Brazil!

Published 14 September 2021

Across Brazil’s producing regions, cherries are being harvested, processed and sampled, ready to be cupped and assessed by buyers like MCM. As we head into the purchasing season, we’re putting together a comprehensive brief for our suppliers of what kind of volumes, flavour profiles and price points we expect to purchase – and we want to hear from you!

Brazil is the largest producer of Arabica coffee in the world and is known internationally for its massive scale – so much so, that coffees from Brazil are often mischaracterised as having a generic flavour profile and relegated to milk focused espresso blends. Through working with progressive producers in different regions, we have found that Brazilian coffees present incredible variety and versatility, with distinct regional characteristics and cup qualities that suit a wide range of uses.

We work with talented producers in two very distinct regions of Brazil; the Chapada Diamantina mountain range in Bahia and the Serra do Cabral plateau in Minas Gerais. In Chapada Diamantina we work with the Borré family, who produce exceptional coffees at their estate Fazenda Progresso, and with many small, independent farmers in the unique and privileged producing region of Piatã. In Serra do Cabral we work with brothers Roberto and Marcelo Flanzer, who have pioneered coffee production in this region on their family estate Fazenda EcoAgricola. We are grateful to be connected to these producers through our dear friend and supplier, Silvio Leite, who is widely regarded as a leader in the Brazilian coffee industry and acts as mentor and guide for our Brazilian sourcing.

Typically, we bring in several containers of coffee from Brazil which land from December through to February. On the cupping table, we focus on clean and consistent high-volume lots that represent excellent value, and distinct, stand out micro-lots that showcase the regions where they were grown. We can help you plan for great pulped natural or natural blending lines at accessible price points or find you something super special to feature as a showcase espresso or filter. Get in touch now to chat about your Brazilian requests and requirements or learn more about our sourcing here.