Celebrating Nariño!

Published 1 March 2022

The unique producing region of Nariño lies in the far south of Colombia, bordering Ecuador along the high peaks of the Andes. The volcanic landscape is stark and rugged, with sheer canyons that drop dramatically to the Juanambú River below.

Coffee here is grown on the incredibly steep slopes of the canyon walls, by independent small holders who have pioneered the farming and processing of their crops at such high elevations.

Despite the challenging growing conditions, some of Colombia’s best coffees come from Nariño – although, historically, they have been hard to access, as the farms are very small (typically just 1-2 hectares) and very remote. By working with our good friends and supply partners, Pergamino, we were able to first visit the region in 2019 and have been buying coffees from small producers here ever since. 

We are delighted to currently be offering three exceptional coffees from Nariño, that are in stock and available to order now:

This regional blend was produced by six small holder farmers, who grow and process their coffees in the small town of Pompeya. The town sits at a major crossroads, where the tropical climate of the Amazon meets the cold winds of the Andes, resulting in a unique micro-climate that contributes to the sweetness and complexity of the coffees produced here. This lot is intensely sweet and floral, with blackcurrant, plum and rhubarb. We think it will make an outstanding single origin offering, or lend depth and character to a blend. 


This honey-processed micro-lot was grown and processed by Eduardo Chasoy and his family at their 1-hectare farm, Finca Mocoa. Eduardo has been recognised as a leader in the small town of Aponte, located deep inside the Juanambú Canyon. Here, smallholder farmers are pioneering honey processing techniques and achieving incredible results. We love how sweet and soft this coffee is, with ripe strawberry, melon and nougat in the cup. Finca Mocoa will be outstanding as a bright and distinct filter, or a syrupy single origin espresso.


El Diamante sits in the high hills of the Alto del Naranjal mountain range, in the outskirts of the small town of Buesaco. The farm belongs to Miguel Loaiza and his family, who arrived in the region after fleeing their nearby hometown, La Inmaculada, where they were forced to grown poppies for the illegal opiate trade. Today, the family can focus on specialty coffee production, which offers a much brighter and more independent future. El Diamante is complex and distinct, with bright florals, ripe pink fruit and honey sweetness. We think it will excel as a filter offering, or as a juicy single origin espresso.

Get in touch anytime to learn more about Nariño, or to request samples of our line up!

Along with the Colombian lots above, we have recently updated our list with fresh crop Brazilian lots that are due to land from March through to May. With a wide variety of flavour profiles, versatility and price points, we have something to suit every roaster’s menu. Check out the list for more information, including tasting notes and availability, and get in touch if you’d like to chat through your Brazil requirements.