Coming Up Next…

Published 05 April 2022

After a busy few months in the cupping room, our team is wrapping up the purchasing season for Ethiopia, Kenya and Guatemala. The coffees we have selected are currently being milled, prepared and packaged before hitting the water, with anticipated arrival from June through to August.

In the meantime, we’re looking ahead to what’s coming up next! Read on for a brief overview of the coffees landing over the next few months, and of our upcoming purchasing plans… and get in touch anytime to learn more, or book a planning session with our experienced team.

Landing soon…


Our final containers from the 2021 Brazilian crops are getting closer to landing in Melbourne, with current ETA from late April to mid-May. On board is our selection of coffees from the exceptional producing region of Piatã, which boasts high elevations and year-round cool climate. Coffees from Piatã are elegant and floral, with crisp, tropical acidity and tea-like characteristics. We absolutely love them! 

There are still a number of lots available from Piatã, including year-on-year favourites, São Judasand Sitio Canaã. Check out our offer list below for more information and tasting notes, and get in touch to request samples at landing.

Hitting the water… 


After cupping through hundreds of offer samples here in Melbourne, we recently confirmed our 2022 order from Ethiopia. Our order includes familiar lots from our long-time supplier, Testi Specialty Coffee, including Jigesa,HadesoAroresa and Werka. Along with these, we have also booked in some new lots from our supply partners at The Lalisaa Project and Tracon which were selected for their outstanding quality and distinction on our cupping tables. We are currently waiting for pre-shipment samples (PSS) to arrive and be cupped before we create tasting notes and add these coffees to our offer list. In the meantime, reach out any time to register your interest in a particular lot, or request to taste samples when available. The coffees are expected to land between July and August.

Our latest container from Kenya is booked in and will be leaving origin over the next few weeks. We’re super excited for this year’s selection which includes AA, AB and PB lots from independent small estates and quality focused cooperatives, that showcase the bright acidity, juicy mouthfeel and red fruit characteristics of great Kenyan coffees. Where possible, we have selected coffees that we have featured previously: including PetitKabumbu and Dagitu Estates, and Kiangundo and its sister factories Ichuga and Gachuiro. As with Ethiopia, we are currently waiting for PSS to arrive before we add these coffees to our offer list, but get in touch anytime to express interest in a particular lot or request samples once available. The coffees are expected to land between July and August.

After weeks of cupping offer samples from our supply partners at ZelcafePrisma and Santa Isabel, we are getting ready to wrap up purchasing from this year’s Guatemala crop. While this year has been a challenging one for Guatemalan producers (read more here), we are excited about the quality of the coffees we are tasting and look forward to confirming the line up! Once we have booked in our containers we’ll expect to see pre-shipment samples about four to six weeks later, at which point the coffees will be added to our offer list. We will have limited spot offerings from the 2022s harvest, so get in touch now if you are keen to feature a particular lot, or learn more about this year’s pricing and supply. 

And what we’re working on next…

We’ll be booking in our next container from Colombia over the next few weeks, with the plan to sail the coffee in May and land it around August or September. For this shipment, we’re tasting samples from smallholder producers who farm and process coffees in the high hills of Tolima, Huila and Cauca. We’re looking for elegant and distinct coffees, that have a good balance of juicy acidity, brown sugar sweetness and rich cocoa notes. With rising costs of production and fierce competition for parchment on the ground, we are expecting higher pricing than previous shipments – so getting early buying intentions will be key in putting together an order that meets the needs of our roasting partners. Get in touch now to chat about your requirements! 

It might be early days for the 2022 harvest in Rwanda, but our team is already working on our buying brief! Typically, we expect to taste samples from Rwanda around mid-June – although whether that’s during an origin trip or in our cupping room here in Melbourne remains to be seen! Either way, we’ll work closely with our dear friends and partners at Buf Coffee and RWASHOSSCO to curate a selection of clean and refined Rwandan coffees that celebrate the incredible work and passion of Rwandan coffee producers. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the purchasing season!

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