Let’s Cup Bolivia!

Published 12 April 2022

We love tasting coffees from our roasting community and one of our favourite ways to do that is through our regular Let’s Cup events. Get excited because it’s time to celebrate Bolivia!

We’re inviting roasters who have purchased Bolivian coffees through Melbourne Coffee Merchants to send us their roasts of the coffees, which we’ll cup and consider as a team. Participating roasters will receive samples of all of the submitted coffees to taste and compare at their own convenience.

Bolivia produces coffees that are elegant, sweet and refined, and often feature in our favourite lots of the year! They are the type of coffees that you can drink, cup after cup, and keep coming back for more. We feel exceptionally proud to represent Bolivian coffees and are always excited to showcase them to our roasting community here at home.

This year, our long-time supply partners The Rodríguez Family of Agricafe and Fincas Los Rodriguez invested heavily in developing their processing practices at the mill, introducing new methods and infrastructure to achieve some mind-blowing results on the cupping table (read more here). We were delighted to showcase some spectacular rare variety and specially-processed lots as part of this year’s offerings, alongside their always delicious washed Caturra lots.

We were also thrilled to continue to source from the many producers the Rodríguez family work with through their Sol de la Mañana mentoring program. Favourites like Julio PayeJuana Mamani and Carmelita were back in the line up, and tasting better than ever! We have been purchasing many of these lots since we began sourcing from Bolivia over a decade ago, and it’s always exciting to see how they taste each season!

We can’t wait to taste these coffees from our roasting customers, and to celebrate the hard work and skill of our producing partners during this year’s Let’s Cup Bolivia!


If you are currently roasting a Bolivian coffee sourced via Melbourne Coffee Merchants, we would love for you to participate by sending 500g of roasted coffeeby close of business TUESDAY 26th APRIL.

Please note our (newish) office address:

Melbourne Coffee Merchants
126 Weston Street
Brunswick, Victoria, 3057

In return, we will send you the samples of each of the submitted coffees for you to taste and share cupping feedback and context for the coffees.


In respect of the health and safety of our team and customers, we will not be holding a public cupping event for this year’s Let’s Cup Bolivia. However, we will be sharing stories and videos of our cupping via Instagram and everyone is invited to tune in! Join us as we cup the coffees and share our thoughts and tasting notes:

2pm | Thursday 28th April

For more information email rafael@melbournecoffeemerchants.com.au