Mormora Coffee Plantation

Established in 2008 by Yodesa Yachisi, Mormora Coffee Plantation is a stunning example of a semi-forest coffee estate. We have been sourcing their coffees since 2018, as they consistently produce some of our favourite coffees from Ethiopia’s Guji region.

Mormora Coffee Plantation is located in the Shakisso ‘woreda’ (administrative district) in the south of the Guji zone of Ethiopia’s Southern Oromia state. Owner and manager Yodesa Yachisi purchased the farm in the early 2000’s, after a long and diverse career in the local mining and electricity supply industries. His move into agriculture 15 years ago drove him to fall in love with coffee, as he quickly recognised its ability to develop and connect communities.

Mormora is a large farm, comprising of 200 hectares. Most of the estate is considered semi-forest coffee, meaning the forest is managed to allow coffee to grow throughout it. As a result, coffee trees benefit from growing alongside the native flora, which provide protection from the sun and create a rich source of nutrients from the leaves and debris that decompose on the forest floor.

Mormora farm is also organic-certified, and the land is managed in sections, with the trees undergoing twenty-five year cycles before being stumped to rejuvenate. New trees from their seedling nursery are also planted every year. The seeds originate from local heirloom varieties that were collected nearby (that they refer to as the “mother tree”).

In addition to the 200 hectares that are owned by Yodesa, there are 400 independent coffee producers in the area that deliver and sell their coffee to the washing station. These small holders (called “out growers”  in Ethiopia) typically have 1–2 hectares of land that produce coffee. Along with purchasing their coffee, Mormora also provide farmers with training and assistance to help them increase their yields and improve the quality of the coffee they process.

At Mormora outgrowers are paid in two stages for their coffee: first when the coffee is dropped off, and then a second time when the overall quality (and therefore selling price) for a certain lot has been determined. This helps Mormora secure a consistent supply of coffee, as there is large competition for cherry in the region.

Yodesa’s passion for community development is evident in the way he cares for the communities surrounding Mormora’s washing stations. Not only do employees (both permanent and seasonal) receive above average wages during the harvest, but Mormora also ensures they have access to education that will further their careers in the coffee industry. Outside the coffee fields and washing stations, Yodesa has contributed to the construction of two schools and a gravel road in the region, and was recognised for his philanthropic efforts by the League of African Development Students in 2021.