Piatã Has Landed!

Published 26 April 2022

Our fresh crop offerings from Piatã have just landed and will be heading out to roasters around the country over the next few weeks. Over the last decade, coffees from Piatã have earned an international reputation for excellence, and we are thrilled to be sharing them with our coffee community in Australia!

Piatã is a uniquely privileged producing region located on a high plateau in the Chapada Diamantina mountain range, in Brazil’s Bahia State. Coffees from Piatã are produced by smallholder, independent farmers, and benefit from the region’s high elevations, cool climate and nutrient rich soils. The resulting lots are small, unique and distinct – particularly when compared to others that we source from Brazil – with typical characteristics of soft florals, tropical fruit and winey acidity. Simply put, they’re stunning!

We’re excited about this year’s line up, which showcases Piatã’s extraordinary terroir and the skill, experience and hard work of the producers we work with here. We have some beautiful lots still available, including from our dear friend and longtime supply partner Silvio Leite, who first introduced us to the region; Cup of Excellence stalwarts Antônio and Terezinha Rigno; the young, forward-thinking Kleumon Moreira; and from Aleci Souza, who is an exciting new relationship to MCM.

Check out the offer list for more information on the available lots, and reach out anytime to request samples or to get a recommendation from our team. Read more about our Brazil sourcing program here.