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Published 10 May 2022

While we haven’t been able to travel over the past couple of years, we are still in close and regular contact with our partners at origin. Over dozens of video calls, hundreds of WhatsApp text messages and countless emails, we’ve kept up to date with the unique conditions and challenges for each of the suppliers we work with, and shared detailed feedback on the performance of their coffees here in Australia.

By staying in such constant communication with our suppliers, we’re able to gain insights on every step of the harvest cycle – from the beginning of the flowering period, all the way through to the moment containers are stuffed and loaded, ready to begin their long journey to Australia. This approach supports honest, open, and intimate relationships with our producing communities and affords us a great understanding of the complexities of the local market in each of the origins we source from. In turn, we share information on the opportunities and pressures of the Australian coffee market, creating mutual understanding and a sense of shared goals and values.

We regard our role as a connection between suppliers and customers as a privilege and a responsibility. Our team is always working to provide as much context and information as possible to customers, so you can make informed decisions on how to proceed with your green purchasing. This is particularly true now, given the current volatility that global events, weather patterns and the pandemic have created in the coffee supply chain!

Over the last few months, we have posted several journal posts updating you on important at-origin considerations and detailing what to expect from this year’s harvest. We’re excited to share the stories of the people on the ground, who have demonstrated such incredible resiliency and fortitude during these uncertain times. We’ve compiled some important reading material below – check it out and let us know if you’d ever like to chat further!

Our 2022 line up of Kenyan, Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Colombian offerings are all hitting the water in the next month or so! Check out our 2022 harvest reports for more on what to expect from each origin:

Kenya | Ethiopia | Colombia | Guatemala

In preparation for the upcoming buying seasons, check out our 2021 Rwanda, Brazil and Bolivia reports:

Rwanda | Brazil | Bolivia

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