September Shipping Update

Published 21 September 2021

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has made sourcing a steady supply of coffee more challenging than ever. While we have very little available stock in Australia right now, our team is always working hard to ensure we have more offerings on the way! 

Despite the obstacles posed by Covid-19, there is an abundance of excellent coffee either in transit or hitting the water over the next few months. Read on for a brief overview of what’s on the water, and what we’re working on next:


Our third and final container from Guatemala is on the water and currently expected to land in mid October. After major delays with this shipment, we are looking forward to finally sharing the coffees with our customers in late October! We’ll cup through the coffees when they arrive and ensure that quality is up to our usual high standards before dispatching. For those with coffees already reserved from Guatemala, keep an eye on your inbox as we’ll be sending out updates as they get closer to landing and go through the process of AQIS inspection and internal QC. 

There is a great line up of different lots available from this container – from accessibly priced blending options, through to stand out specially selected lots. Check out the offer list for volumes and availability and let us know if you’d like to see landed samples once the coffees have arrived.


We recently confirmed our orders from our Rwandan suppliers, and are eagerly waiting for pre-shipment samples (PSS) to share with our roasting community. In the meantime, the coffees are in transit from Kigali to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where they will be boarded on a ship heading to Melbourne. Assuming there are no major delays in transit, we expect these coffees to land in Australia in mid-December. 

Once we have cupped PSS we will write tasting notes for the coffees and add them to our offer list. Keep an eye on our newsie and social platforms for updates, and let us know now if you’re keen to taste samples ahead of the coffees’ arrival.


Our most recent shipment of Colombian coffees has been confirmed and will be hitting the water later this month. This container is made up of small producer regional blends from Nariño, Antioquia and Cauca, sourced via the talented team at Pergamino. We think these coffees offer exceptional value and versatility. Once again, we are waiting to cup PSS before adding these coffees to our offer list – watch this space for more news! These coffees are expected to land in Australia in late November. 

We are also working on another shipment from Colombia, and will start cupping through offer samples this month. We’re looking for exceptional washed and honey lots from producer groups and single farms, that showcase the regions they were grown in. The coffees we select will land in January 2021.


We are heading into our Brazil purchasing season with a long shopping list, made up of pre-requests from customers and our selection for our spot list. We work closely with our customers and the team at Agricoffee to put together our Brazil order, which can be up to nine containers worth of coffee! These will land from November through to February 2022, and include large-volume blending lines and distinct micro-lots from independent, small holder farmers. Now is the time to let us know if you would like something specific from Brazil – simply get in touch with the team to learn more! 


Harvest is well underway in beautiful Bolivia, where our dear friends and producing partners, the Rodriguez family, are processing and preparing this season’s coffees. We expect to start cupping offer samples from Bolivia over the next few weeks. We’re looking for clean, sweet and elegant washed lots, and distinct and interesting naturals and honeys. If you’re excited for something special from Bolivia, let us know now and we will add it to our brief. The coffees we select now will land in January 2022. 

Our team is constantly planning ahead to bring in delicious coffees that suit different needs for our customers – from large blending lines through to exceptional, showcase micro-lots. Letting us know what you’re looking for is the most effective way to secure the coffees you love. We can help you plan your annual offerings and give you personalised recommendations that meet your requirements. Get in touch any time to book in a planning session, or learn more about what the team is working on currently.