We are going to Brazil!

We are heading to Brazil in August to select some exceptional coffees and are super excited! Here is the low down on how and where we buy our coffees from in Brazil.


We are fortunate to work very closely with Silvio Leite, a dear friend, coffee mentor and exporter. He has a deep understanding of Brazilian coffee, and an exceptional palate and helps us source the very best coffees that Brazil has to offer. Via Silvio, we partner with producers that we trust and that share our values of quality and sustainability. We build meaningful and mutually beneficial long-term relationships with each of them and work together to build the market and understanding for their coffees.

Each year we visit Brazil to cup and pre-select our coffees in order to calibrate with our producing partners and give feedback. During these visits we also get invaluable insight and information about what we are tasting and buying and deepen our understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our producing partners.

All coffees are cupped blindly, scored and evaluated before purchase by a consistent buying team that is headed up by Toshi and Mel. Our larger value lines are a minimum of 84 points, whilst the majority of the coffee that we buy are 86 points or above. We provide detailed quality control feedback to our producing partners and track the quality of each lot (including cupping score and water and moisture readings) from when it sails from origin until 6 months after landing.




We work with several award winning farms in this region including São Judas Tadeu, Ouro Verde and Cafundó. These high altitude farms are tiny and quality-focussed, and produce exceptional coffees (most place in the top 10 of the Cup of Excellence every year).

These coffees are extremely limited and hard to come across. 10 years ago the region was relatively unknown, but after having great success in competitions like Cup of Excellence they are now considered as some of the most attractive coffees in Brazil.

We work very closely with Fabiano Borre from Fazenda Progresso and buy numerous lots from his farm including Airuma, Sempre Viva and Sincora. The quality of Fabiano’s coffee improves every single year and we find these coffees hold their quality all year round. We get a wide range of coffee profiles from Fabiano’s farm, from value-lines that are suitable for blending through to exceptional high quality singles. They are all selectively hand picked and processed with great care and precision.

In this very new coffee growing region in the central north of Minas we are working with Marcelo and Roberto Flanzer, who own a farm called Ecoagricola located at 1,100m above sea level. We started working with the Flanzer family last year and have been extremely impressed with the quality of their coffee, their approach and care for the environment and their commitment to farming in the most sustainable way possible. They entered the Cup of Excellence for the first time this year and placed 21st!

We are also hoping to secure some exceptional lots from Espirito Santo this year. These coffees ripen later in the season (August – December) and will be available from February / March onwards next year. We are still building new relationships here and so our purchasing decisions will largely be driven by which coffees cup the best on the table.


We will have a wide selection of coffees for you to buy from us on a spot basis, but if there is something in particular that you would like us to source, please get in touch.

If you brief us in advance, we can also work with you to meet a specific price point and/or secure you an exclusive line. Some of the farms that we work with are able to deliver larger volumes at exceptional value due to their scale and efficiencies in their production.

We will have shipments landing from November – April from Brazil, so there will be a wide window to receive your coffees, however many of the coffees we will ship will be contracted for specific customers so we recommend briefing us on your requirements to ensure you get the best possible combination of price and quality to meet your needs.