A chat with Pedro Santana

Pedro Santana is the owner of a beautiful farm called Cafundó that is located in Piatâ, Bahia.

Pedro, who was based in bustling São Paulo for many years, purchased the land in the pursuit of a slower and simpler lifestyle with his wife, Delzute. He was a banker at the time, stressed and working long hours with little reward. Originally from Piatã, Pedro decided to invest in coffee cultivation, taking advantage of the farm’s high altitude (1,360 metres above sea level) and beneficial setting for growing coffee.

Cafundó extends over 28 hectares, of which five are under coffee. The farm’s name, Cafundó, translates to ‘very very far away’. Which it is—both physically and mentally far from the hustle and bustle of São Paulo. Coffee grows here under the shade of Gravellia trees on the plantation. The shade, along with the farm’s high altitude, means that the beans mature slowly, allowing sugar concentration to develop and resulting in a very sweet and complex cup.

We caught up with Pedro earlier this year and asked him some questions…these were his responses.

What do you love most about coffee farming?

Processing. I also love the flowering during the harvest. If I were a honey bird I would eat only coffee!

Describe your typical day.

I wake up early and spend the whole day on the land. I love the calm of the countryside. No amount of money could pay for what we have here. My wife of 40 years works by my side during the harvest and helps with administration.

You can read more about Cafundó here and see pictures of the farm here.