About us

Delicious, high quality coffee is our sole focus. All our purchasing decisions are based around the selection of coffees that we love and find delicious, and that we’re excited to share. We work with dedicated and progressive producers, who care as much as we do about quality, and who produce exceptional coffees.

We’re very proud of the relationships we’ve developed at origin, and we feel lucky to have worked with many of the same producers since 2008. Investing in these relationships has allowed us to increase quality potential, and enabled our producing partners to grow sustainably and continue to invest in improving quality. Visiting these producers every year enables us to understand the complexities and local challenges they face, and to find creative and meaningful ways to support them.

We care a lot about supporting our customers – big and small – to help them grow, succeed and prosper. We love being part of a customer’s journey by providing the highest quality green beans and support along the way. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a customer get excited about our coffee offerings, and fall in love with the coffees they’re roasting. We strive to build open and honest relationships with our customers, and to provide exceptional service and support. Ultimately, it’s our relationships, both locally and globally, that bring true meaning to what we do. We feel so lucky to be part of a vibrant and passionate coffee community, and we want to contribute to it in the most positive way we can.

We add value and insight by providing as much traceability as possible on every single coffee we purchase. Wherever we can, we visit each of the producers we work with and develop long-term relationships with them. We share information with our customers about where our beans come from, how they are harvested and processed, and the backgrounds and stories of the people that grow them. We take our role as a link-builder between producers and purveyors seriously. We want to help our customers learn about our coffees and share these stories with their customers, to get everyone as excited about these coffees as we are.

We believe everyone in the coffee chain can and should prosper, and that a focus on transparency and a commitment to paying premiums back to the producer is the best way to ensure a sustainable and viable future for coffee farming.
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By providing customers with an exceptional range of high quality, traceable coffees, and by investing heavily in education (both at the industry and consumer level), we hope to ignite positive change in the industry, and to continue to redefine what coffee is and can be, both in Australia and globally.

Meet The Team

    Founder and Director

    Fleur fell in love with coffee while living and working in London. She returned home to establish MCM in 2008, becoming the first importer to focus on sourcing specialty-grade coffee for the Australian market. Fleur has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of coffee in Australia by sourcing the very best coffees she can find and sharing these coffees, and the extraordinary stories of the people behind them, with quality-focused roasters throughout Australia.

    Operations, Logistics, QC

    Beau has worked in specialty coffee in Melbourne for over ten years as a barista, coffee roaster, and quality control manager. At MCM she oversees all of our operations and international and domestic logistics and is also an active member of our QC program. Beau is passionate about fostering positive and long-lasting relationships and creating shared value at every part of the coffee supply chain.


    Aislinn has worked in specialty coffee for more than a decade. She is a skilled barista, coffee trainer and Q grader and spent many years with Blue Bottle helping them to develop their training program. She is extremely passionate about creating connectivity between coffee producers and the wider specialty community. Aislinn spends her time looking after our roasting customers. She is also an integral part of our QC and buying team, and looks after Kenya, Rwanda, and Colombia sourcing and supply relationships.

    Brazil Buyer & QC

    Toshi has worked in specialty coffee for over a decade. He heads up QC and Roasting at Market Lane, and he travels to Brazil every year to help MCM select coffees, and to build meaningful, long-term relationships with our producing partners there. Toshi also works for MCM part-time, assisting with buying decisions, sample roasting and QC, and providing invaluable advice to our roasting clients.

  • Rafael Sans
    Content manager & Storyteller

    In his role as MCM's content manager and storyteller, Rafael uses his excellent skills as a writer and communicator to share stories and insights for the coffees that we source and the incredible communities behind them. Rafael’s background in roasting and quality control gives him an invaluable perspective in strengthening and maintaining the connection between our producing partners at origin and our roasting customers here in Australia.

By investing in long-term, meaningful relationships at origin, and remaining focused on providing customers with an exceptional range of high quality, traceable coffees, we hope to continue to ignite positive change in the coffee industry, and push the potential of what coffee is and can be.