Plan your green

Planning your green bean purchases in advance with us can help ensure you secure beans you love that meet your price and quality requirements.


We are here to help you plan your green!

We can help you put together a blend or source a specific component for it, and can also help you secure seasonal coffees for your single espresso or filter offering and provide exclusivity if you need it.  We can source specific coffees for you at origin, and help you select producers that you wish to feature on an annual basis and help you develop a meaningful relationship with them (and visit if you want to!).

Why plan?

Regardless of your size and scale, there are many challenges to relying on purchasing all of your green from spot offer lists. You may miss out on great coffees without some foresight, or in trying to avoid running short, overstock on a particular line and risk it becoming old and beyond its prime.

Drawing on our experience of managing and working with roasteries, we can work with you to plan out your green buying, which can have a number of advantages:

  • Avoid gaps or compromises to your offering
  • Manage seasonality, your green budget and quality of the green you are using better
  • Have more time to plan and manage the roll out and marketing of your coffees
  • Ensure you getting the best possible coffees that meet your quality and price requirements.
  • Provide certainty, improve consistency and quality

How we help you plan

We can help you plan your entire green purchasing program or help you with a specific origin or coffee producer or your filter offering or espresso blend. Usually when we have a planning session we do the following:

  • Make sure we understand your business values and objectives, and get a detailed brief of what you are looking for in terms of price point, quality, taste profile and volume
  • Cup with you, to calibrate and get a more intimate understanding of what you love and what you are looking for
  • Share any details of upcoming coffees on the water, buying trips, arrival times, and opportunities to secure specific coffees
  • Discuss options for warehousing, financing, draw down of coffee (this is determined upfront)

At origin, we will select the best possible coffees that meet your price volume and profile requirements. We will then share pre-shipment samples with you that you can then evaluate and sign off on (your coffee order is not finalised until you have approved them at this point). On arrival the coffee will be formally evaluated and approved by our QC team before it is released and ready for delivery.

Our coffee calendar

One useful tool that we use in planning sessions is our Coffee Calendar. You can read more about each of the origns we work in and the profile and lot sizes and typical longevity of the coffees here.