Capão ‘Salvador do Cafe’

  • Country
  • State
  • Region
    Chapada Diamantina
  • Town
  • Altitude
    1,300m above sea level
  • Variety
  • Processing
    Pulped Natural
  • Owner
    Salvador Mesquita
  • Awards
    Cup of Excellence 2004, 2011

Full body and silky mouthfeel with chocolate mousse, passionfruit and honeycomb.

Fazenda Capão is produced in Piatã, a small town nestled against the backdrop of the Chapada Diamantina mountain range in the heart of Bahia. The city sits 1,268 metres above sea level; it’s one of the most elevated cities in northeastern Brazil. It also boasts the coolest weather in the region, with temperatures ranging between 2°C and 18°C during winter and distributed rainfall throughout the year, providing excellent conditions for exceptional coffee. This small coffee-producing area rose to fame in 2009, when its coffees dominated the Cup of Excellence Awards, taking five of the top ten spots.

Fazenda Capão is owned by Salvador Mequita, who comes from a family of coffee farmers and has been producing coffee since 2007. Like many farms in Piatã region, Fazenda Capão is small – around eight hectares in size – and it sits at the high elevation of 1,300m above sea level. Salvador, who many affectionately call ‘Salvador do Cafe’ (which translates to ‘Coffee Saviour’) is focused on producing the most exceptional coffee he can, selectively hand picking the very ripest fruits and transporting them in baskets twice a day to a hulling machine. The pulped coffee is spread out in layers of 4cm for drying on meticulously clean patios, and it’s turned over about 20 times a day until it reached an ideal moisture point.

Salvador takes pride and care in the way he harvests and processes his coffee, from the preparation of the land through to the final storage of green beans. He is also incredibly conscious; he works hard to protect and preserve the natural habitat of his property, and he performs and annual soil analysis to ensure his soil is optimally fertilised.

Coffees from Fazenda Capão have been placewinners in the Quality Coffees of Bahia Contest and the Cup of Excellence competition. We first bought coffee from the farm in 2011, when it placed 22nd in the Cup of Excellence. We fell in love with it then, and we are incredibly excited to be able to offer it again.