Pé de Cedro

  • Country
  • State
    Minas Gerais
  • Region
    Mantiqueira da Minas
  • Town
    Carmo de Minas
  • Altitude
    1,000 - 1,200m above sea level
  • Variety
    Yellow Catucaí
  • Processing
  • Owner
    Edson Morais de Barros

Heavy body, brown sugar sweetness with wine-like acidity with notes of ripe strawberry, cocoa powder, plum and chocolate mousse.

Six years ago, Edson Morais de Barros bought the Pé de Cedro farm, which is located at 1,000 – 1,200m above sea level in the highlands of Mantiqueira de Minas, in Southern Minas Gerais.  The farm is 35 hectares in size, 25 of which are dedicated to coffee.

Pé de Cedro was well known for its quality, and since taking it over, Edson has invested in machinery and techniques to further elevate the quality of his coffee and build the potential of the farm and the region.

Edson is committed to environmental and social sustainability, and produces his coffee in line with best coffee practices and the region’s coffee traditions. He collaborates with a team of agronomists from CORACIVE and BSCA, who have provided processing advice and shared innovations and best practice in coffee cultivation. Edson has also built a strong coffee production team who carefully process the coffee, and closely monitor and evaluate day-to-day quality processes.



This particular lot is 100% Yellow Catucaí and is naturally processed. The cherries were selectively picked by hand when perfectly ripe, and processed on the same day. At the wet mill they were sorted by weight and carefully cleaned and then laid out to dry on pristinely clean patios, and turned turned several times per day to ensure  even and uniform drying. Once dried down to a moisture level of 12%, the outer fruit was removed and the dried parchment was moved to wooden bins to rest and stabilise for a month, before being milled.


Mantiqueira de Minas is located on the Minas Gerais State side of Serra da Mantiqueira, in the southern part of Minas Gerais. This region is recognised as one of the best coffee producing regions in Brazil and coffees from here often end up in the top 10 in the Cup of Excellence competition.

In 2011, Mantiqueira de Minas was recognised as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) due to its tradition and worldwide reputation for producing high quality coffee. Coffees from this region are distinctive and differentiated, reflecting the combination of a unique terroir and the local knowhow and expertise in coffee production that continuously delivers excellence.


Pé de Cedro BSCA certified. This certification is a guarantee from the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association that every aspect of the labour at the farm is legal and ethical.  It also guarantees the implementation environmentally friendly practices on the farm during all steps of the coffee production process.