Meet Pedro Rodriguez

Over the last decade Pedro Rodriguez has worked tirelessly to build the production of, and market for, Bolivian specialty coffee, helping hundreds of local farmers recognise and realise the potential of their land and crops.

Pedro entered the coffee industry 30 years ago, ditching his suit and his accounting job to pursue his passion for agriculture. Fifteen years ago, Pedro recognised the potential for specialty coffee in Bolivia, and over the last decade, he has built a visionary business called Agricafe, which focuses on building long-term relationships with producers, based on mutual trust and benefit.

With a young, dynamic and passionate team, including Pedro’s son Pedro Pablo and daughter Daniela, Agricafe represents over 1,000 small producers based in the Caranavi province and further afield in the South Yungas region. Many of the Caranavi-based producers deliver their whole cherries to Agricafe’s Buena Vista Mill in Caranavi. This meticulously run mill processes many of its lots separately, allowing for full traceability back to the individual farmer or colony.

Pedro also purchases coffee in parchment from quality-focused producers located further away from the mill. These producers process their coffee themselves and deliver it to the mill to be evaluated and approved by Agricafe’s quality control team.

Pedro and his team take a long-term view, actively contributing to the development of the producers they work with by sharing best practices and giving them the information and support they need to improve quality. They foster a very transparent relationship with their growers, directly passing on any additional rewards they secure if a particular lot shines brighter than expected on the cupping table and garners higher than expected prices. This relationship gives coffee producers the motivation to continue their investment in, and commitment to, quality coffee, and strengthens their loyalty and trust in Pedro and his family.

We have worked with Pedro and his team since 2010 and hold them in the highest regard. Their commitment to Bolivian specialty coffee is unwavering. Pedro summed up their sentiment perfectly when we last visited.

“It is our greatest satisfaction to be part of, and contribute to, the development of the coffee-growing culture in Bolivia.”