It’s time to plan for Ethiopia!

Published 09 Jan 2024

As this year’s coffee harvest picks up speed in Ethiopia, we’re dusting off our boots and packing our bags to head back again!

In just a couple of weeks, Aislinn is traveling to visit our good friends and partners, Testi Specialty Coffee, and select our Ethiopian offerings from the 2023/2024 harvest. While the coffees we book won’t arrive in Australia until June onwards, we want to hear from you now to help us build our buying brief and accurately plan for the season.

During the trip, Aislinn will spend time cupping this year’s crop, visiting farms and washing stations and catching up on news from the season. She’ll visit several of Testi’s coffee processing sites, including longtime favourites Ayla, Jigesa and Hadeso, as well as some of their newer premium washing stations like Yaye and Adorsi. We’re thrilled to be spending this time with the team at Testi, and are excited to curate another stunning line up of coffees!

Now is the perfect time to let us know what you are interested in for your Ethiopian line up. Whether you would like to feature a lot from a particular site that you have loved in the past, or to brief us in on your preferred flavour profile, regional characteristics or intended volumes – communicating your requirements ahead of purchasing helps us to accurately gauge demand for the year and is the best way to secure the coffees you love!