Let’s Cup: Kenya!

We loved visiting Kenya earlier this year, where we cupped and selected an outstanding line up of coffees from single producers and small cooperatives. We’re excited to showcase those coffees in our next Let’s Cup event. 

Let’s Cup is designed for our roasting community to share different interpretations of the same coffees, in an open and friendly forum. We’ll be inviting roasters to send us their roasts of coffees from Kenya, and will cup them together and compare notes.


If you have a Kenyan coffee sourced via Melbourne Coffee Merchants in your line up we would love for you to participate by sending 500g of roasted coffee to our office before Friday 19th July. 

If you are unable to join us to cup the coffee we will send you the cupping samples of all of the submitted coffees so you can taste each of them, and will share cupping feedback for all of the coffees.


EVERYONE is invited to join us for an evening of cupping and collaboration!

Tuesday 23rd July, 6pm
Market Lane Coffee, Prahran Market
South Yarra, Victoria
(enter via Elizabeth St)

Let us know if you can attend (or would like to submit coffee) by RSVPing to aislinn@melbournecoffeemerchants.com.au