November Shipment Update

Published 23 November 2021

After a busy couple of months in the cupping room, we’re excited to have wrapped up purchasing for the year! We have recently confirmed new orders from Rwanda, Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia, which are landing over the end of the year and into early 2022. With so many delicious coffees on the water, we’ve put together a brief overview to help you keep track of what’s coming next, and when:

Each year we delight in selecting our Rwandan offerings and sharing them with our customers. We currently have two containers from Rwanda on the water and landing soon; the first is made up of coffees sourced from washing stations owned and operated by Buf Coffee, and the second contains coffees from our long-time supply partners at Dukunde KawaKoakaka and Maraba cooperatives. Our selection has hit the offer list (see below) and we are currently sharing pre-shipment samples (PSS) ahead of these special coffees landing in early-mid December. Get in touch now to taste the line up, or learn more about this wonderful origin! 

In Bolivia, we feel privileged to work with the meticulous team at Agricafé, who supply us with coffees from their own farms, Fincas Los Rodriguez, and from the small producers of the Sol de La Mañana program. This year, we have selected a wide variety of lots, from larger washed lines that will suit blending or espresso, to tiny, exotic variety micro-lots that showcase the very best of Bolivia! We’re currently waiting to receive and cup PSS before adding these coffees to our offer list, but it’s not too early to get in touch if you’re keen to feature something special from this unique and complex origin. Simply let us know and we’ll make sure you see PSS as soon as they are available. 

Every year, the biggest puzzle of our purchasing calendar is to put together our order from Brazil! With numerous containers landing over several months, carrying hundreds of pre-committed orders for customers and a good selection of spot – this one is a beast! We’re excited to have recently completed the buying season after confirming our last few containers. As always, we’ve been supported in this by the incredible team at Agricoffee, Silvio Leite and Aline Oriá, who connect us to the talented producers at Fazenda ProgressoFazenda EcoAgricola and the smallholder farmers of Piatã.
We’ll be adding this year’s offerings to the list progressively, as our booked containers depart Brazil and we receive and cup PSS here in Melbourne. Check out the list for the first of our offerings, which are due to land in late December – and get in touch anytime to request samples, or chat further about your Brazil requirements. 

After experiencing supply issues in the first part of 2021, we are thrilled to have a good volume of coffee from Colombia on the water and landing at the end of the year! Sourced via our dear friends at Pergamino, these coffees offer exceptional quality and value and will suit a number of applications – check out the list for more information. 
Beyond our current selection, we have also recently confirmed our first shipments to land in 2022. The line up includes regional blends and single producer micro-lots from Antioquia and Nariño, plus some larger value lines that are suitable for blending. These coffees will be hitting our list as we receive and cup PSS, but let us know now if you’re looking for something particular from Colombia and we’ll find something that suits your needs best!