Spotlight on Ethiopia!

Published 24 Oct 2023

Our offer list is currently jam-packed with delicious, seasonal offerings from Ethiopia. As the original birthplace of Arabica coffee, the country’s lush forests and high plateaus provide perfect conditions for coffee to thrive and its people have a long history of cultivating the crop. The result: flavourful and complex lots that have great versatility and longevity.

In Ethiopia, we work closely with the acclaimed family-owned company Testi Specialty Coffee, who process excellent washed and natural lots at their carefully operated washing stations across the country. We also source a handful of lots from producers who are part of the Lalisaa Project, a program run by Sucafina Ethiopia to more directly connect independent small holder farmers to international buyers like MCM. This project allows us to buy and feature single farm lots that were grown and processed by quality-focused individuals, offering incredible distinction and traceability. 

This line up was selected during our trip earlier this year from the 2022/23 season, and includes some stunning lots that will suit both filter and espresso styles. Read on for more on our sourcing partners, along with current notes on our available offerings. Get in touch any time to request samples, or learn more about our Ethiopian sourcing. 


Established in 2009, Testi Specialty Coffee have championed the production of high quality coffee in the highlands of Ethiopia. Founder Faysel Abdosh Yonis (pictured above) started the business with the explicit goal of maximising the potential and profitability of Ethiopian coffees, by producing exceptional offerings and establishing transparent business practices. Today, the company owns twenty washing stations – located in Guji, West Arsi, Sidama and Yirgacheffe – which are operated with meticulous attention to sorting, screening and processing. 

We are currently showcasing three outstanding Testi lots:

Jigesa Washed Organic | Shakisso, Guji

Cherry is delivered daily to Jigesa by some 500 independent outgrowers from the nearby kebele (village) of Dambi Uddo. The team processes their lots using fresh, clean water from the Mormora and Bishan Dimo rivers, resulting in a clean and trasnparent cup. This sugary sweet coffee is elegant and complex, with sparkling acidity, and notes of honeydew melon, green apple and lingering lemon blossom florals.

Werka Natural Organic | Nensebo, West Arsi

Grown by farmers from the kebele of Werka, in the up and coming region of West Arsi, and processed at Testi’s Gara Kone washing station, this standout naturally-processed lot is a crowd favourite every year! It excels across all roast styles and applications, thanks to its tropical acidity, creamy mouthfeel, and notes of grape, cherry and chocolate mousse.

Hadeso Natural Organic | Shakisso, Guji

We’re thrilled to be featuring Hadeso for another year, as the Shakisso washing station consistently produces incredibly textural and delicious coffees. With a delicate floral aroma and rich white chocolate sweetness, this naturally processed coffee is clean and creamy, with notes of tropical fruits and yellow peach.


The Lalisaa Project was established by Sucafina Ethiopia in 2018, with the goal of supporting producers in marketing and exporting their coffees outside of the complicated ECX system. In Amharic, the word ‘lalisaa’ means to grow or flourish — which is exactly what farmers enrolled in the program have achieved! Via workshops and farm visits, participating producers have improved their agronomic and processing practices, leading to greater yields of higher quality. This, in turn, has contributed to increased prices and improved social and environmental standards for farmers and their producing communities.

We’re down to our final two lots sourced through the program:

Addisu Hulichaye Natural | Kochere, Gedeo

We’ve been buying Addisu’s crop for three years in a row, because it consistently stands out on the cupping table. We are thrilled with this year’s crop, with tropical acidity, white chocolate sweetness, and notes of finger lime, green grape and honeysuckle.

Wako Aba Natural | Kochere, Gedeo

A former bee keeper turned coffee producer, Wako Aba grows and processes exceptional natural lots at his farm Banko Busa. Here, he produces a bright and rich offering, with apricot, yellow peach and cherry. With a syrupy body and great balance, this lot will excel as an espresso offering. 

These coffees are in stock and ready for dispatch — simply reach out if you’d like to taste the full set!⁠