Coffee Flower Tea

  • Country
  • Province
  • Colony
  • Farm
    La Linda
  • Altitude
    1,482-1,550m above sea level
  • Variety
  • Owner
    Rodriguez Family

Jasmine, honeysuckle and elderflower notes.

This tea is made from coffee flowers that have been painstakingly picked by hand and dried on raised beds in the sun. It was produced by the Rodriguez family, who own a business called Agricafe, which produces coffee from its own farms and also sources quality micro-lots from small producers in the Yungas region.

The Rodriguez family first started making flower tea as an experiment around five years ago, and were blown away by the fragrant, perfumed cup it produced. The process of picking it is very labour intensive and involved, and the pickers are trained to ensure they pick the flowers just at the right time to ensure they do not hinder the production of fruit the following year. Each lot of flower tea is made to order, and as a result, this tea is extremely rare and hard to come across.

This particular flower tea comes from La Linda, which is the first coffee farm that the Rodriguez family planted. La Linda is located in the colony of Bolinda, which lies in a lush, steep mountain valley around 10 kilometres outside of the town of Caranavi.


How to brew

To brew we recommend using a french press or a teapot at a ratio of 2-3g of flowers to 220ml 80-degree water. Brew for 2 minutes. Coffee Flower Tea also tastes great iced on a hot day!