San Patricio El Limón Pacamara

  • Country
  • Region
  • Department
  • Elevation
    1,600 meters above sea level
  • Variety
  • Processing
  • Owner
    Guadalupe Alberto Reyes Aguilar

Jasmine aroma, with cherry, raspberry and almond praline in the cup. Complex and distinct.

This special 100% Pacamara micro-lot was grown and processed by the Aguilar family, on their stunning 150-acre farm, San Patricio El Limón, located near the small town of Palencia, about an hour’s drive east of Guatemala City. The area’s high elevations, volcanic soil and rich, fertile landscape make for exceptional coffee production.

First established in 1997, San Patricio has passed through three generations of the Aguilar family. Today, the farm is managed by Guadalupe Alberto Reyes Aguilar and his immediate family, who continue to focus on producing exceptional, high quality coffees with practices that are socially and environmentally sustainable.

The land of San Patricio sits at about 1,600 meters above sea level and has been terraced to prevent erosion. Soil analysis undertaken by the Aguilar family provides invaluable data for the cultivation of the crop. Coffee is grown in harmony with the surrounding native pine forest, which provides natural shade cover and supports a diverse eco-system of local flora and fauna. To avoid using damaging herbicides, weeding is done manually and pest control is limited to only twice a year. The team have also built eight water reserves on the farm, where water is stored for use in the hot summer months, and established a water treatment plant for the contaminated wastewater resultant of coffee processing.


Guadalupe, who is affectionately known as ‘Beto’, is a former mayor of Palencia, and has worked tirelessly to support and elevate the community. Now, Don Beto applies that same passion and energy to advancing practices on the farm, applying great care and attention in the harvesting and processing of the coffee crop. This dedication is evident in the high quality and cleanliness achieved in the cup.

Since inheriting San Patricio, Don Beto has built a new wet mill onsite, which allows greater capacity for selecting and separating lots into a single day’s harvest, or into single variety lots. He has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to process the coffees, including imported floating tanks and pulping machines.

The harvest in Palencia typically runs from December through to April. San Patricio is planted with Caturra and Bourbon varieties, and Don Beto has also planted some Pacamara plots. This particular lot is a 100% Pacamara micro-lot – we purchased just 900kg!

Cherries are selectively hand harvested over many weeks and sorted before processing to remove any underripe or damaged seeds. They are then pulped and washed with cool, fresh water before being transferred to dry on patios. Once it has reached optimal moisture percentage it is bagged and placed in the farms wine cellars to rest before being prepared for export. The cool and dry conditions are ideal for preserving the quality of the parchment, ahead of being hulled and prepared for export.


Palencia is an exciting new specialty coffee producing region. Though it hasn’t yet been formally recognised by Anacafe, there is enormous potential in this region. This is our first year purchasing coffee from Don Beto and his family, and we are excited to grow and develop this relationship.