Sitio Canaã

  • Country
  • State
  • Region
    Chapada Diamantina
  • Town
  • Altitude
    1,280 - 1,340m above sea level
  • Variety
    Obata, Topàzio, Bourbon and Catuaí
  • Processing
    Pulped Natural
  • Owner
    Kleumon Silva Moreira

Red apple dried apricot and caramelised pineapple. Chocolate and roasted hazelnuts on the finish, with great balance and sweetness.

Sitio Canaã (“The Promised Land”) lies outside the small town of Piatã in Bahia’s Chapada Diamantina region, at an altitude of 1,280 to 1,340 meters above sea level. Chapada Diamantina translates to ”Diamond Plateau” in Portuguese, and for 100 years this area was mined for the gemstones embedded in its cliffs. Today the region is famous for its specialty coffee.

Sitio Canaã is owned and managed by Kleumon Silva Moreira. Kleumon is young – 27 years old (!!) – but has been working in coffee for the past decade, alongside Antônio Rigno.  Antônio is widely regarded as the best producer in the region and is famous for his commitment to quality, and has many accolades for his coffees in the Cup of Excellence competition and other quality awards over the years. He has provided advice and mentorship for many producers in the region, and Kleumon has worked by his side over the last decade learning everything from how to plant and care for the trees through to processing.

In 2016, using all of his savings, along with a small loan from the bank (for which Antonio was his guarantor), Kleumon had enough to plant his own coffee farm. He purchased a 10-hectare plot of land and becan planting it with a wide range of varieties –   Topázio, Catuaí,  Obata, Acauã, Paraiso, Arrara and Bourbon.  Today he has 2 hectares of coffee planted and hopes to have one more hectare planted in 2020 for his brother, Joaquim, who works in the city but is investing in the farm and dreams of one day joining Kleumon on the land with his family.

Kleumon is very meticulous in the way that he approaches his plantation. Each of the trees at Sitio Canaã are carefully planted 60cm apart and in rows 3.3m apart, mirroring the precision and best practice from Antonio Rigno’s farms. To optimise and supplement his income whilst the coffee plantation is established, Kleumon has also planted sugarcane, passionfruit, and strawberries, but as his coffee production is ramping up he is slowly moving away from this.


Kleumon represents the next generation of coffee producers in Piata, and already is showing great promise. All of his coffees were shined on the table when we cupped them – and so we purchased his entire production this year! This is the second harvest from his farm, and we have purchased his entire production (around 60 x 60kg bags). This particular lot is a mix of varieties: Obata, Topazio, Bourbon, Catuaí and was 1020kg in size.


Kleumon ensures cherries were picked by hand only when fully ripe and were carefully pulped by hand.  His picking team consists of mainly his family members, including his mother who lives close by.

After pulping the coffee at his friend’s mill located 10km down the road, the beans were taken to the mill at Sao Judas Tadeau, where they were sun-dried on patios with their mucilage still attached—spread in layers of about four centimeters and raked several times a day. Finally, the beans are separated into numbered lots which are stored and rested in parchment in a purpose-built warehouse prior to export.



Piatã is a very unique and privileged coffee growing region in Brazil, with high altitudes and temperatures that vary from 2°C to 18°C in the winter. These factors, combined with the area’s rich soil and growing conditions, present favourable conditions for producing high-quality coffee with a cup profile that is very bright, transparent, and distinctive.

This region has only recently started to become recognised internationally for its high quality since the 2009 Cup of Excellence, where five of the top 10 spots came from Piatã. The region’s dominance in the awards has continued every year since and incredibly, in the 2016 Cup of Excellence Pulped Natural competition, an astounding 19 of the 24 winning lots came from Piatã!

The coffees from this region tend to be very bright, floral, transparent and complex and quite different from the coffees we source elsewhere in Brazil. These coffees are extremely limited and hard to come across as they are considered some of the best in Brazil by specialty coffee buyers. Kleumon’s coffees are a fine example of the exceptional potential that exists in this region and we feel incredibly privileged to be working with him. This is the second year we have had the opportunity to purchase his coffee – and for the second year running, we have purchased his entire production! We hope this is the second year of many that we can work with him and continue to grow a market for his coffees.