Ethiopia Is On The Way!

Published 23 Apr 2024

Our fresh crop Ethiopian coffees have just been added to our offer list! Selected at origin earlier this year, this stunning line up was exclusively sourced from the quality-focused washing stations and processing sites of our long time partners Testi Specialty Coffee. Made up of two containers bound for Melbourne, we’re super proud of this year’s selection, which includes crowd favourites like Jigesa, Ayla Bombe, Werka and Hadeso. Get in touch now to learn more about the season, or make reservations ahead of the coffees arriving in early June!

After cupping pre-shipment samples we’re happy to report the quality and complexity presented on the table is excellent. This year marks the first time we work directly with Testi Specialty Coffee — we made the decision early on in the season to source our line up from their portfolio of washing stations, without the need for a service agent to consolidate coffees from several exporters. This change has helped us streamline our shipments, and we’re thrilled with the fact that both containers are already on the water and landing in a few short weeks! 

The 2024 Ethiopian line up is all about showcasing what we most love about Testi: year-on-year they produce coffees that are vibrant and distinct that, importantly, remain that way long after landing. Both containers include a healthy supply of crowd-pleasing washed and natural offerings from Hadeso, Ayla Bombe, Jigesa and Werka. 

Keen to feature some of these delicious coffees? Then get in touch now to ensure you don’t miss out on any of them! We’re available to jump on the phone any time to take reservations based on your preferences, to be confirmed once landed samples are cupped. This shipment is due to arrive in early June, with samples available once the coffees reach our warehouse. 

Please note, due to high demand we require that all Ethiopian ofterings are paid for in full within a strict 30-day period from landing — although we are happy to store the coffees for as long as required, provided they are paid for in full. This is to ensure we are seeing income from these coffees relatively quickly and to build cash reserves to pay for future shipments. Please consider these payment terms as you reserve your allocations from this year’s arrivals.