Get Excited For Guatemala!

Published 25 June 2024.

We have just added 2024’s fresh crop Guatemalan offerings to our list! This selection offers a wide range of coffee lots, with distinct cup profiles and price points, from some of Guatemala’s most distinguished coffee-producing families and growing regions. 

We’re so excited to share these coffees with our roasting community here at home — read below to learn more about this year’s line up!

La Soledad | Antigua Guatemala

Owned by Lucia Zelaya and managed by husband Rony Asensio, La Soledad is a beautiful estate that produces an elegant and refined coffee, thanks to Rony’s meticulous farming and processing practices. This year’s crop has a creamy texture and lingering florals, with notes of pear, hazelnut praline and milk chocolate.

Agua Tibia Gesha | Fraijanes

Located in the Fraijanes coffee-growing region, Agua Tibia’s Panama Gesha microlot is one of the most exquisite and distinct coffees we source every year: it is intensely floral and sweet, with jasmine, oolong tea and a sparkling citrus acidity — the classic Panama Gesha profile that always shines on a coffee menu!

Calahute | Huehuetenango

Grown by Alfonso Anzueto on the steep hills of Huehuetenango, this coffee is creamy and high in sweetness, with notes of panela sugar and toffee apple. Calahute is a reliable workhorse that provides a rich texture to an espresso blend. It presents sweet caramel and roast hazelnut when paired with milk.

La Maravilla ‘Los Arroyos’ | Huehuetenango

Mauricio Rosales is one of our favourite people in coffee: he is incredibly kind, always generous with his knowledge and time, and produces consistently well-structured and balanced lots. Grown at La Maravilla’s ‘Los Arroyos’ plot, this offering is very sweet and full-bodied, with notes of red apple and condensed milk.

El Calagual Natural | Santa Rosa

Produced by fifth-generation farmer Darwin Fabián in the hills of the lush Santa Rosa department, this naturally-processed microlot has been carefully processed using meticulously picked Pache variety cherries. The result is something truly special: an incredibly sweet and transparent coffee, with a juicy mouthfeel and notes of raspberry and chocolate mousse.

Guacamaya | Huehuetenango

We are thrilled to be offering a lot from the El Sendero Cooperative member Nery Pablo López, who grows and processes exceptional coffee at his small farm Guacamaya. We reckon Nery’s crop showcases everything we love about coffees from Huehuetenango: it is bright and lifted, with green apple, blueberry jam and golden syrup sweetness.

Santa Isabel Estate | Alta Verapaz

Owned and managed by our good friend Wicho Valdés, Santa Isabel is a stunning farm nestled in the hills of Cobán, Alta Verapaz. Year on year, it produces coffees that are distinctly floral and tropical, that always stand out on the cupping table. This coffee’s great clarity and structure are beautifully complemented by delicate florals and notes of apricot and nashi pear.

Santa Isabel ‘Las Flores’ | Alta Verapaz

Every year we look forward to Santa Isabel’s ‘Las Flores’ microlot, as it’s made up of the sweetest, most floral and complex day lots processed at the estate. The latest iteration is bright and juicy, with a cola-like acidity, and notes of green apple and honey blossom.

Santa Clara Natural | Antigua Guatemala

Ricardo Zelaya is a progressive fourth-generation farmer who has been perfecting his processing techniques over the fifteen years we have been working with him. His naturals are some of our favourite examples of the process out of Guatemala, and this year’s crop is no different! With a rich and syrupy texture, and notes of blackberry and plum wine, this lot stands out across all roasting applications.

Santa Clara Panama Gesha | Antigua Guatemala

Realising Santa Clara Estate’s highest plots of land were perfectly suited to the Gesha variety, Ricardo decided to source and plant seeds from Panama’s Finca La Esmeralda , which are considered one of the best examples of the variety grown anywhere in the world. This stunning coffee is lifted and elegant, with jasmine, yellow peach and sparkling lemonade.

Get in touch now if you’re keen to taste available samples ahead of their landing next month and in early August!