More Guatemalan Coffees Have Landed!

Published 09 Jul 2024

Our second container out of Guatemala is here! Having cupped through the selection, we are thrilled with how distinct and vibrant these fresh-crop coffees are tasting. Made up of lots from the celebrated regions of Santa Rosa, Fraijanes, Huehuetenango and Antigua, this shipment includes something for everyone. The coffees are available now and include a handful of exceptional spot lots ready to order. Check them out on our offer list below, and read on for an overview and suggestions for how to get the most out of them:

Showcase Picks

If you’re looking for your next limited release, you’re in luck because Guatemala is home to some of the cleanest and most elegant rare variety and specially prepared lots that we source. Here are our landed showcase picks:

Santa Clara Panama Gesha | Antigua Guatemala

Realising Santa Clara Estate’s highest plots of land were perfectly suited to the Gesha variety, fourth-generation farmer Ricardo decided to source and plant seeds from Panama’s Finca La Esmeralda, which are considered one of the best examples of the variety grown anywhere in the world. This stunning coffee is lifted and elegant, with jasmine, yellow peach and sparkling lemonade.

Agua Tibia Gesha | Fraijanes

Located in the Fraijanes coffee-growing region, Agua Tibia’s Panama Gesha microlot is one of the most exquisite and distinct coffees we source every year: it is intensely floral and sweet, with jasmine, oolong tea and a sparkling citrus acidity — the classic Panama Gesha profile, complemented by Fraijanes’ unique microclimate and growing conditions!

Espresso Picks

Whether presented as a stand alone coffee or as part of a blend, we think the following coffees will shine as an espresso offering:

La Maravilla ‘Los Arroyos’ | Huehuetenango

To take advantage of its varied topography and climates, the beautiful La Maravilla farm is divided into six plots, each with a different set of varieties planted. The ‘Los Arroyos’ plot is planted with two varieties that thrive in HueHue’s terroir: Pache San Ramón and Caturra. A well-structured and balanced offering, this coffee presents red apple and condensed milk in the cup when roasted for espresso applications.

Calahute | Huehuetenango

Grown by Alfonso Anzueto on the steep hills of Huehuetenango, this coffee is creamy and high in sweetness, with notes of panela sugar and toffee apple. Calahute is a reliable workhorse that provides a rich texture to an espresso blend or as a single origin espresso. Expect sweet caramel and roasted hazelnut when paired with milk.

Filter Picks

Nothing beats the convenience of a batchy first thing in the morning, or the delicate aromas and textures of a carefully brewed pour over. Here are our picks for stunning filter offerings:

Santa Clara Natural | Antigua Guatemala

Ricardo Zelaya is a progressive fourth-generation farmer who has been perfecting his processing techniques over the fifteen years we have been working with him. His naturally-processed lots are meticulously cared for at every step of their processing: from the way they are picked, to the way they are slowly dried on raised beds at Santa Clara Estate’s greenhouses — a level of attention to detail that always shows up in the final cup! With a rich and syrupy texture, and notes of blackberry and plum wine, this lot stands out across all filter brewing methods.

Guacamaya | Huehuetenango

HueHue farmer Nery López is incredibly proud of his farm Guacamaya and the small wet mill he has built at his property, which allows him to process and dry all the coffee he and his family grow. It’s no surprise that Nery’s crop showcases everything we love about coffees from Huehuetenango: it is bright and lifted, with green apple, blueberry jam and golden syrup sweetness, making it the perfect candidate for both manual pour over and batch!