Our Latest Espresso Picks

Over the last few of weeks, we have added several fresh offerings to the line up, including a stunning suite of Colombian arrivals and an exceptional selection out of Ethiopia.  Along with our in stock coffees from Brazil, Bolivia, Kenya and Guatemala, this is one of our strongest lists yet!

Read on for our current favourites to suit your espresso menu, thanks to their syrupy sweetness, great structure and creamy body — and check out the Offer List for our full selection!

Fazenda Progresso Natural | Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

We’re always excited to have coffees grown and processed by the Borré family on line up! We’ve been working with Fazenda Progresso since 2015 for good reason: their forward-thinking approach to coffee production & impeccable processing practices result in some of the tastiest coffees with incredible longevity out of Brazil. Their naturally-processed estate line is perfect for those looking to update an espresso blend, as it is rich and sweet, with notes of red fruits and citrus that pair perfectly with milk.

El Sendero | Huehuetenango, Guatemala

We are thrilled to be offering a lot from El Sendero Cooperative for the first time! The three farmers who contributed to this lot grow coffee using traditional techniques and organic practices in one of Huehue’s many exceptional micro-regions. A rounded and balanced offering, this coffee presents milk chocolate and currants in the cup when roasted for espresso applications.

Small Producers of Buesaco | Buesaco, Nariño

The community of Buesaco, in Colombia’s state of Nariño, rose to fame amongst specialty coffee buyers in the mid-2000s, when they began topping the country’s Cup of Excellence awards. This lot perfectly exemplifies the remarkable quality of offerings produced here — it is bright and juicy, with a sugary mouthfeel and clean finish. Its notes of purple grape, mandarin and brown sugar make it a complex addition to a blend, or a fruit-driven single espresso offering.

Borralha | Serra do Cabral, Brazil

EcoAgricola is an impeccably-run coffee farm found in Brazil’s Serra do Cabral plateau. The estate uses a combination of the latest farming technology and environmentally sustainable practices to produce coffees that are distinct and represent excellent value. Borralha is a naturally-processed lot with notes of dates, black cherry and toasted almond that are balanced by jammy sweetness, making it an ideal backbone for a blend.

Werka Natural Organic | West Arsi, Ethiopia

There’s so much to love about a clean and winey natural: from their floral aromatics, to their flavours of red and purple fruits (think strawberry, cherry and grape!). Werka Natural has all of these attributes in spades, along with a beautiful chocolate mousse texture that makes it an incredibly versatile offering. Grown by farmers from the kebele of Werka, in the up and coming region of West Arsi, and processed at Testi’s Gara Kone washing station, this standout coffee is a crowd favourite that excels across all espresso applications, that works a treat on its own and over ice.

Wahundura AB | Murang’a County, Kenya

Built in the 1960s, Wahundura factory (as washing stations are called in Kenya) receives and processes cherry from over 1,300 independent farmers who grow coffee at the foothills of Mt. Kenya volcano, in the country’s Murang’a County. It is owned by the Kamachiria Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative Society, who operate the site like a well-oiled machine, resulting in incredibly consistent, elegant lots. This year’s crop is incredibly balanced, with great clarity, lemon-lime acidity and notes of redcurrant and ruby grapefruit. It’s perfect as a single espresso that showcases the refined acidity and intensity of flavour Kenyan coffees are known for!

Small Producers of Belén | Inzá, Cauca

Produced by eight independent farmers in the rich, volcanic soils found near the municipality of Inza, Cauca, this regional blend is full bodied and rich, with blood orange, red apple and plum, balanced by black tea and cocoa. It’s perfect as a refined single espresso offering, or a sweet and fruity blend component!