Time to Plan for Piatã! 

Published 17 Jan 2023

The hills surrounding the small town of Piatã, in Brazil’s Chapada Diamantina mountain range, are home to a tightknit community of independent farmers who produce some of country’s most exquisite coffees. Their skill, experience and hard work complement the geographical advantages of the region, resulting in coffees that are bright, transparent and lifted—and we’re delighted to share them with Australia’s coffee community every year!

We’ve recently added three outstanding coffees from Piatã to our offer list, ahead of their arrival in March. Read on to learn more about these incoming lots, and let us know if you’d like to receive landed samples once available!

Cerca de Pedra São Benedito | Silvio Leite

2022 was a huge year for our good friend and longtime partner Silvio Leite, who hosted Brazil’s first ever Private Collection Auction with CoE’s Alliance for Coffee Excellence in December.  An enormous amount of work went into the selection and preparation of the auction lots, and the learnings from the event were applied to the overall harvest – resulting in outstanding quality across this year’s lots.

During our visit in August, we had a chance to see how much Silvio has invested in Cerca de Pedra São Benedito and were impressed bythe upgrades he’s done to his wet mill and drying patios. Daily farm operations are now managed by Kleumon Moreira, who’s knowledge and understanding of Piatã’s terroir are evident in how lively and healthy every inch of the property looks.

This year’s pulped natural lot is incredibly clean and transparent, with citrus acidity, notes of red grape and dark chocolate, and a creamy body. 

São Judas Tadeu | Antônio & Terezinha Rigno

Our visit to São Judas Tadeu was easily one of the highlights of our trip! Not only did Antonio & Terezinha show us around their  farm and mills, but they also hosted us for a delicious coffee at their cafe in town and again for lunch on our final day in Piatã. Spending this kind of quality time with the couple drives home how kind and generous they are— it’s no wonder they’re so well-loved and respected by Piatã’s coffee community!

The phenomenal quality of São Judas’ crop this season is enhanced by the Rignos’ meticulous and careful processing practices. Thanks to predictable rains through the year, ripening of the cherries was concentrated, streamlining all post-harvest activities and the drying of the parchment.

As a result, year’s pulped natural lot is well-structured and smooth, with plum, apricot and cherry, balanced by toasted almond and chocolate. Their natural lot is vibrant and intensely sweet, with a silky body and notes of tropical fruits, peach and macadamia. 

We can’t wait for these coffees to land! If you’re keen for landed samples, get in touch and we’ll make sure to send you some once available.