Get Ready For Guatemala!

Published 13 Feb 2024

Next month, MCM will be heading back to Guatemala. We’re so excited to be returning to a country whose coffees have been a staple of our offerings since 2008!

During the trip, Fleur will be spending time with many of the families whose farms we feature year-on-year, selecting lots from the current harvest to land in Australia from the month of July onwards. Before she heads off, we want to hear from you to help us build our buying brief and accurately plan for the 2024 season!

We have been sourcing coffee from Guatemala since our very early days. Not only do we love the different flavour profiles produced here, but we also have built strong and longstanding relationships with a number of families for whom coffee is more than just a cash crop: it’s a family tradition and great source of pride.

While in Guatemala, Fleur will be cupping lots from this year’s harvest, visiting farms, and catching up on news from the season. She’ll spend time with many of our close friends, including the Zelaya family of Santa Clara Estate, in Antigua; Wicho Valdés of Santa Isabel, in Alta Verapaz; and Eduardo Ambrosio and the team at Prisma Coffee Origins, in Guatemala City. With Prisma, Fleur will also be visiting a number of small producers from the departments of Santa Rosa and Huehuetenango, with the intention of strengthening our relationship with them, while hopefully beginning new ones as well.

We are beyond excited to be visiting Guatemala again, in what is looking like another harvest of excellent quality! For a second year running, the picking has been slightly delayed, but early cuppings are indicating it’s gonna be a superb year, with plenty of the refined acidity and depth of sweetness we have come to expect out of the country’s offerings.

Now is the perfect time to let us know what coffees you are interested in! Regarding volume lines, communicating your purchasing intentions early allows us to approach our selection with more security and accuracy.  As for microlots, letting us know what you’re looking for will help us secure the coffees that you love, offer exclusivity, or meet specific volume requirements. Simply get in touch to plan your Guate line up with us!