Our Latest Filter Picks

Over the last few of weeks, we have added several fresh offerings to the line up, including a stunning suite of Colombian arrivals and an exquisite selection out of Ethiopia.  Along with our in stock coffees from Brazil, Bolivia, Kenya and Guatemala, this is one of our strongest lists yet!

Read on for our current favourites to suit your filter menu, thanks to their refined acidity, delicate structure and lingering finish — and check out the Offer List for our full selection!

Floripondio Batian Natural | Samaipata, Bolivia

Located in the semi-arid region of Samaipata, Floripondio’s high elevation, tropical microclimate and distinct soil profile has made it the ideal place for long-time sourcing partner the Rodríguez family of Agricafe Bolivia to establish their nursery in, which is made up of over 50 different coffee varieties. Through years of research and careful farming, the family have found Kenyan variety Batian to be an excellent performer under the region’s conditions. Processed as a natural, this lot has notes of bright blueberry, maraschino cherry and Amaretto liqueur, with a creamy texture — making it a delicious showcase coffee over all filter brewing methods! ⁠  

Santa Clara Gesha Lots | Antigua, Guatemala

After falling in love with the Gesha variety in 2008, our good friend Ricardo Zelaya decided to plant it on the highest parts of his farm Santa Clara – with incredible results.  Today, he grows trees of two separate lineages of the variety: Malawi Gesha and Panama Gesha, processing them as washed and natural lots. While different in style, all of Ricardo’s Geshas are intensely floral and sweet, with a creamy texture and rich notes of stonefruit and black tea that are best showcased on the slow bar.

Small Producers of Cajamarca | Cajamarca, Tolima

One of the many highlights of our sourcing trip to Colombia last year, was a memorable visit to the mountainous and lush region of Cajamarca, Tolima. The town is home to a tightknit community of farmers who produce beautiful, delicate coffees at high elevations on fertile, volcanic soils. Made up of the production of six of these smallholders, this lot is clean and crisp, with vibrant green apple acidity and panela sweetness. Its notes of yellow peach and plum are perfectly suited to all filter brewing methods!

Addisu Hulichaye Natural | Sidama, Ethiopia

We are connected to Addisu and his coffee through the Lalisaa Project, an initiative from Sucafina Ethiopia that aims to improve the quantity and quality of coffee produced by partnered farmers whose lots are big enough to be milled and prepared for export on their own. Addisu’s coffee shines across all filter brewing methods, thanks to its tropical acidity, white chocolate sweetness, and notes of finger lime and honeysuckle.

Jose Pechené ‘La Independencia’ | Inzá, Cauca

La Independencia is located on the rugged hills of Cauca’s municipality of Inzá, and overlooks the valley surrounding the Paez river. Owner Jose Pechené benefits from access to ample freshwater to process his coffees — helping him produce a sweet and creamy offering, with notes of milk chocolate, ripe strawberry and golden sultana.  Thanks to its exceptional structure and balance, this coffee is the perfect candidate for both manual and batch brewing!

Jigesa Washed Organic | Guji, Ethiopia

Who doesn’t love a crisp and clean washed Ethiopian filter coffee? Processed by longtime partner Testi Specialty Coffee using cherry from some 500 independent outgrowers, Jigesa is one of the most distinct washed process offerings we source. The acidity of the lots produced at this washing station always stands out on the cupping table, and this year’s offering is no different. This sugary sweet coffee is elegant and complex, with green apple, honeydewmelon, and lingering lemon blossom florals that shine when brewed manually.

Wako Aba Natural | Sidama, Ethiopia

A former bee keeper turned coffee producer, Wako Aba grows and processes exceptional natural lots at his farm Banko Busa. The property sits at a staggering 2,200m above sea level, creating the perfect environment for the type of slow cherry maturation that leads to more intense and complex flavours in the final cup. Wako’s coffee is bright and rich, with apricot, yellow peach and cherry. It makes for a balanced, easy to drink batch brew and comes up perfectly when brewed over ice.

These coffees are tasting great and ready for dispatch — get in touch to request samples!