Bring on Brazil!

Published 13 Dec 2022

Get excited because we’ve just added the first of this season’s Brazilian offerings to our list! This early line up showcases some of the best lots grown by the forward-thinking Borré family of Fazenda Progresso in the region of Chapada Diamantina and by Fazenda EcoAgricola in the beautiful Serra do Cabral. It’s a selection that offers great versatility and value – there’s something for every coffee menu! 

We are very excited about this year’s Brazilian offerings, which were cupped and selected on the ground by MCM’s buying team during their August sourcing trip. Beau and Toshi spent a week in Brazil’s Chapada Diamantina region with our dear friend and mentor Silvio Leite, and had the pleasure of visiting Fabiano Borré at his family’s estate, Fazenda Progresso, at the tail end of their harvest. 

MCM has been featuring coffees produced by the Borrés since we first visited their estate in 2015. Each year since, we have been  impressed with their meticulous and progressive approach to coffee production, which results in incredible cleanliness and longevity in the cup profile.

While on their trip, Beau and Toshi selected this year’s Fazenda Progresso estate lots (both natural and pulped natural), and were super impressed with this year’s quality. We reckon these coffees will provide the perfect backbone to any blend, while exhibiting the complexity and distinction to shine as single espresso lines. 

Our Brazil buyers also got to cup the 2022 Airumá and Sincorá micro-lots and were blown away by how transparent they were, with plenty of stonefruit sweetness and candied citrus in the cup! All of this year’s Fazenda Progresso lots are now on our offer list, with arrival expected across early January and early February.

We are also offering the naturally-processed Borralha, which was grown and processed by Fazenda EcoAgricola on the stunning Serra do Cabral plateau. This year-on-year crowd pleaser is well-structured and balanced, with notes of black cherry and dates that pair beautifully with milk. We think it will produce an exceptional single origin espresso, or add depth and sweetness to a blend.

Check out our offer list for tasting notes and availability for our upcoming Brazilian coffees, and get in touch if you’d like samples ahead of their landing!