Ready for Rwanda?

Published 6 Dec 2022

Our fresh crop Rwandan offerings have just landed in Australia, and we are so excited to share the coffees with you! We have some exceptional lines still available, that showcase the high quality, cleanliness and versatility of this wonderful origin. Our team has cupped through the landed line up, and the coffees are tasting vibrant, distinct and ready for roasting!

We have been working with many of the same washing stations and cooperatives since we started buying coffee in Rwanda in 2008. We cherish the relationships we hold there, and feel honoured and excited to represent our producing partners’ coffees here in Australia.

This year’s offerings include lots from Buf Coffee, whose operations are managed by Sam Muhirwa (pictured above). Buf own Remera, Nyarusiza, Ubumwe and Umurage washing stations, all located in the country’s rugged Southern Province. In this region we also work with Koakaka and Maraba Cooperatives,  who help us source coffees from women’s groups and individual producers like Philippe Sinoyobye and Daphrose Mukanyarwaga. Typical characteristics from the Southern Province include stone fruit, chocolate and jammy sweetness, translating to a bold and juicy filter offering or rich espresso.

This shipment also includes special lots from the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative, who operate Ruli, Mbilima and Nkara washing stations in the lush and mountainous Northern Province. This well-regarded cooperative produces some of our favourite lots every year that are bright and tropical, with typical notes of citrus, vibrant florals and sugarcane – perfect for a stand out espresso or complex filter.

The 2022 harvest was a great season for Rwanda, and the quality across the table is outstanding. Check out our offer list for more information on our available coffees and let us know if you’d like to see samples! And get in touch anytime if you’d like  to learn more about our Rwandan sourcing program!