Our Special Sale Continues!

Published 16 January 2024

The beginning of the calendar year can be a tricky time for roasters — it’s easy to run out lines during the busy Christmas rush and new shipments from Central America and Africa won’t start arriving for several months…

Luckily, we are well stocked on delicious cofffees, recently landed and available now for dispatch! We are currently running a rare 10% discount on all 2022/23 season stock, offering you a great opportunity to pick up some high-quality, fully traceable and responsibly sourced coffees at great prices. Read on for our current favourites from the sale, and for our suggestions on the brewing applications best-suited to get the most out of these lots!

Filter Picks

William Buitrago ‘La Esperanza’ | China Alta, Tolima

We have been sourcing William’s coffee since 2019, after visiting his farm and falling in love with the flavour profile of his lots. When praised on his coffee’s excellent cup quality, William shared, “This is a great motivation. It’s one thing to get premiums, but another to get recognition from a part of the world so far away.” We look forward to La Esperanza every year, as its soft acidity and notes of honey, almond nougat and mandarin make it an exceptional morning batchy!

Werka Natural Organic | West Arsi, Ethiopia

There’s so much to love about a clean and winey natural: from their floral aromatics, to their flavours of red and purple fruits (think strawberry, cherry and grape!). Werka Natural has all of these attributes in spades, along with a beautiful chocolate mousse texture that makes it an incredibly versatile offering. Grown by farmers from the kebele of Werka, in the up and coming region of West Arsi, and processed at Testi’s Gara Kone washing station, this standout coffee is a crowd favourite that excels across all filter applications. Try it as an iced batchy for a flavour punch perfect for the summer months! 

Jose Pechené ‘La Independencia’ | Inzá, Cauca

La Independencia is located on the rugged hills of Cauca’s municipality of Inzá, and overlooks the valley surrounding the Páez river. Owner Jose Pechené benefits from access to ample freshwater to process his coffees — helping him produce a sweet and creamy offering, with notes of milk chocolate, ripe strawberry and golden sultana.  Thanks to its exceptional structure and balance, this coffee is the perfect candidate for both manual and batch brewing!

Jigesa Washed Organic | Guji, Ethiopia

Washed Ethiopian filter offerings are staples of all coffee menus for a reason — they’re simply delicious! Processed by longtime partner Testi Specialty Coffee using cherry from some 500 independent outgrowers, Jigesa is one of the most distinct washed process offerings we source. This sugary sweet coffee is elegant and complex, with green apple, honeydew melon, and lingering lemon blossom florals that shine when brewed manually or through batch.

Leonel Calambás ‘El Jardín’ | Inzá, Cauca

Leonel Calambás is a leader within the community of coffee producers in Cauca’s municipality of Inzá. Having worked with the crop his whole life, his willingness to share his knowledge has been key in elevating the practices followed in the region and encouraging younger farmers to focus on specialty production. Thanks to its clarity, creamy mouthfeel, and notes of green grape, raspberry and cocoa, Leonel’s lot is well-suited to all filter applications.

Espresso Picks

Wako Aba Natural | Sidama, Ethiopia

A former bee keeper turned coffee producer, Wako Aba grows and processes exceptional natural lots at his farm Banko Busa. The property sits at a staggering 2,200m above sea level, creating the perfect environment for the type of slow cherry maturation that leads to more intense flavours in the final cup. Wako’s coffee was delayed in transit, ultimately losing some of its vibrancy and complexity. We’ve reduced the price to below cost as a result, creating an incredible opportunity to feature a single producer lot at an advantageous price. This offering is still sweet and rich, with yellow peach and cherry, and will lift a blend’s profile, or produce a balanced, easy to drink single espresso.

Small Producers of Belén | Inzá, Cauca

SPO Belén was produced by eight independent farmers in the rich, volcanic soils found near the municipality of Inzá, Cauca, where our supply partners, Pergamino, work closely with the producing community to refine quality and maximise profits. This regional blend is full bodied and rich, with blood orange, red apple and plum, balanced by black tea and cocoa. It’s a refined single espresso offering, or a sweet and fruity blend component!

Addisu Hulichaye Natural | Sidama, Ethiopia

We are connected to Addisu and his coffee through the Lalisaa Project, an initiative from Sucafina Ethiopia that aims to improve the quantity and quality of coffee produced by partnered farmers whose lots are big enough to be milled and prepared for export as a separate lot. Similar to Wako Aba, Addisu’s coffee was delayed in transit, and has presented slight malt and peanut in our latest cuppings. Reduced to below cost price, this offering 

shines through the espresso machine, thanks to its tropical acidity, white chocolate sweetness, and notes of finger lime and honeysuckle that can provide lift and acidity to a blend.

Small Producers of Buesaco | Buesaco, Nariño

The community of Buesaco, in Colombia’s state of Nariño, rose to fame amongst specialty coffee buyers in the mid-2000s, when they began topping the country’s Cup of Excellence awards. This lot perfectly exemplifies the remarkable quality of offerings produced here — it is bright and juicy, with a sugary mouthfeel and clean finish. Its notes of purple grape, mandarin and brown sugar make it a complex addition to a blend, or a fruit-driven single espresso offering.

Huke Washed Premium | Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

This lot was processed at one of Testi’s premium sites in Yirgacheffe, using the ripest cherry and excellent practices. The coffee has consistently presented beautiful florals and delicate stone fruit acidity, however, at our most recent cupping we found slight paperiness in the cup and have reduced its price to cost, to more accurately reflect the current quality. With a more developed profile, we think this coffee’s complexity will shine, making it the perfect single espresso offering, both hot or over ice.