Shipment Update

Published 16 May 2023

With so many delicious, fresh crop coffees landing over the next couple of months, we thought it was time to share an update on what offerings are currently in the country and what’s coming up next. 

Check out the overview below, and get in touch anytime to chat further about your coffee requirements and requests!


In Brazil, we work closely with specialty coffee trailblazer Silvio Leite, who connects us to a network of forward-thinking producers in Bahia’s Chapada Diamantina and Minas Gerais’ Serra do Cabral regions.

The latest harvest out of Brazil presented extraordinary quality and we’ve been stoked with our line up! There are a number of coffees in stock and ready to dispatch now: a pulped natural lot from the renowned São Judas Tadeu, in Piatã; two estate lots and the Sincorá microlot from Fazenda Progresso, in Chapada Diamantina; and the fruit-driven and creamy Borralha Natural, grown and processed by EcoAgricola in Serra do Cabral. These coffees represent excellent value and versatility in the cup, and will shine across filter and espresso applications.

Our Bolivian container landed just last month, with a carefully chosen selection of spectacular coffees sourced through our longtime partners and friends the Rodríguez family of Agricafe Bolivia.

We have two coffees still available from this year’s offerings: a complex and fruit forward naturally-processed lot from Sol de la Mañana producer Julio Paye; and the stunning Floripondio Batian Natural: a coffee that perfectly showcases the Rodriguez family’s innovative approach to farming and processing.  Get in touch for samples!


Get excited! Our upcoming Guatemalan coffees have just been added to our offer list and are now available for sampling!

We currently have three Guatemalan containers on the water, with two of them due to land next month. The first is made up of coffees grown and processed by the Zelaya family, of Antigua; while the second consists of three separate lots from the Valdés family’s Santa Isabel Estate and a large volume line from La Providencia’s Villatoro family. Our final shipment contains microlots from a number of quality-focused, progressive producers who are part of Prisma Coffee Origin’s supply chain, and is currently due to land in August.  

Kenya season is nearly here, and we can’t wait to let you in on the upcoming line up!

This year’s visit was our first time back to Kenya since 2020, and we had a lot of catching up to do with our good friends at Kenyacof and with the farmers and cooperatives they work with. After a challenging drought season, volumes are low overall, particularly for single producer lots. However, we’ve packed our container full of outstanding offerings from familiar producers, including Peter of Petit Estate, and cooperative lots from quality-focused factories like Mwiria, Kiangundo, Gachuiro and Wahundura. The coffees are now on the water and due to land in late August – keep an eye on our newsie for updates as we finalise our spot list. 

After a hugely informative trip to Ethiopia earlier this year, we’re excited to share the lots we selected with our Australian coffee community. Knowing the country has had a challenging season, we decided to focus our purchasing on lots from trusted, long-term suppliers, Testi Specialty Coffee, along with a few single producer lots from the Lalisaa Project. While logistics have been slow and difficult in Ethiopia this year, we’re happy to confirm that our first shipment is hitting the water this week, and our second is being prepped for export.

Both containters include sweet and floral lots from some of our favourite washing stations and producers, including Testi’s Hadeso and Jigesa, as well as Lalisaa Project farmer Addisu Hulichaye. These shipments will land across the month of August and into September. Stay tuned for more information as we finalise our offerings! 


We’ve recently confirmed our next two containers from Colombia, which are currently being prepared for export ahead of shipping. 

Our good friends and export partners Pergamino have done an exceptional job of navigating a challenging local market to secure us coffee from our favourite producing regions in Tolima and Cauca, including SPO Belén, SPO China Alta and SPO Buesaco; as well as single estate lots from producers like Reinaldo Parra and Leonel Calambás. More details to follow in the coming weeks!

The Rwandan coffee harvest is in full swing, and we’re making preparations to visit our friends and suppliers next month!

It’s been four years since our last visit, and we cannot wait to feel the warmth of the Rwandan sun on our faces! Our plans are to visit and cup with longtime partners Dukunde Kawa in the Northern Province and Buf Coffee in the South—where we’ll also be spending meaningful time with the Koakaka and Maraba Cooperatives. If there’s a Rwandan lot that you’ve featured and loved in the past, now’s the perfect time to let us know you’re keen to showcase it again!

We are so excited to share the coffees we selected with you in the coming months. If you are interested in tasting samples once available, or to plan your green with us, simply get in touch—we’re here to help!