Shipment Update

As any roaster knows, planning ahead is key in a successful coffee program — and at MCM, we’re here to help you do just that! Along with some excellent in-stock options, we have an abundance of delicious, fresh-crop coffees on the water and landing over the next few months. 

Check out the overview below, and get in touch anytime to chat further about your coffee requirements and requests!



In Colombia, our longtime partners Pergamino connect us to a myriad of forward-thinking, smallholder producers in the country’s producing regions. We’re thrilled to have their General Manager Pedro Echavarría and Director of Coffee Léo Henao in town this week, and we’ll be hosting a number of events to introduce them to our Australian roasting community. If you haven’t already — book yourself a ticket here!

Our current line up of Colombian coffees includes four refined and approachable small producer lots from the remote regions of China Alta and Cajamarca in Tolima; Belén in Cauca; and Buesaco in Nariño; along with exceptional microlots from Leonel Calambás and Jose Domingo Pechené in Cauca; and William Buitrago in Tolima. With unique regional characteristics and great complexity of flavour, these lots are suited to all roasting applications, provide incredible value — and importantly, are ready to be drawn down now!

After an exceptional 2023 season, we are down to our final two lots from Guatemala until winter 2024. The first of these is Calahute, a coffee that was grown on the steep hills of Huehuetenango and is a reliable and consistent offering that provides body and sweetness as a blend component, and makes for a balanced and rounded single espresso offering. 

The second is the very special Santa Clara Gesha Natural, a showcase lot from Antigua Guatemala, grown and processed by fifth-genertaion farmer and good friend Ricardo Zelaya. This coffee is intensely sweet and fruit-driven, and is perfect for your filter menu!

Similar to Guatemala, we have just two lots remaining from the 2023 Kenyan season. Kiangundo AB is a vibrant and tropical lot from the Nyeri County-based Kiama Farmers’ Cooperative Society; and Wahundura AB, a coffee grown in the Murang’a County, showcases that perfect combination of citrus acidity, brown sugar sweetness and notes of redurrant and grapefruit that Kenyan coffees are known for.

While we’ve begun making plans for our next visit to the country in early 2024, these are the final boxes of Kenyan coffee we’ll have for the foreseable future — so don’t sleep on them! 

Summer is a great time of the year to feature Ethiopian coffees, as their delicate, fruit-driven flavour profile perform excellently when brewed hot or over ice on a warm day. We have a number of Ethiopian offerings in stock, including three lots that have just been added to our ‘Special Offers.’ Priced at or below cost, Huke Washed Premium, Addisu Hulichaye Natural and Wako Aba Natural offer exceptional value for those seeking transparently sourced and traceable lots from Ethiopia. Although the vibrancy of these lots has dropped since they first landed, they are all presenting great fruit and floral character, and are well-suited to espresso or blending applications.

Looking for filter option? Hadeso Natural Organic, Werka Natural Organic and Jigesa Washed Organic are perennial favourites, produced by our long-time supply partners, Testi, at their well organised washing stations. These lots are tasting distinct and lively and will stand out on your filter bar or as an iced offering. Get in touch to request a sample suite! 


Ports around the country are facing numerous delays, due to a combination of planned industrial action and a significant cybersecurity incident. While we’re doing everything in our power to speed up the release of our incoming shipments, our estimates may change as we get closer to the holidays. Rest assured, we’ll keep you posted if any delays occur.

We’re thrilled to have added our incoming Rwandan coffees to our Offer List and have seen strong interest from our roasting community. We’ve also launched a special fundraising campaign, Supporting Strong Women, to celebrate and promote the incredible work of the Rambagirakawa women’s group in Rwanda, while generating support for its members and their communities. You can read more about the campaign and how to get involved here.

Made up of lots sourced from washing stations owned and operated by Buf Coffee, and from our long-time supply partners at Dukunde Kawa and Maraba cooperatives, this year’s line up is of spectacular quality. We’re expecting these offerings to land mid-December, with limited sample available for those who want to make reservations ahead of their arrival. Check out our Offer List and request a sample set if you’re keen for a taste!

The first of our 2023/24 containers, made up of larger, pre-allocated lines from Fazenda Progresso, are due to land early 2024 and will be ready for dispatch by mid-January. For those with reserves, keep an eye on your inbox for updates as the coffees get closer to landing. 

Later that month, we’re expecting our Progresso and Piatã microlots to arrive — including favourites like Sincorá and Airumá, and a special naturally processed microlot, Gandula. We’ll also be offering some year-on-year favourites from beautiful Piatã, including lots from São Judas, Sítio Canaã, Cerca de Pedras São Benedito and Cafundó.

We are currently waiting on pre-shipment samples to arrive for our Brazilian offerings, and will update the list with our spot coffees as soon as we have cupped and assessed them. In the meantime, reach out any time if you’re keen to feature a particular lot — it’s never too early to register interest! 

Selected during our most recent visit to the Rodríguez family of Agricafe in August, we’re expecting pre-shipment samples (PSS) of our Bolivian offerings in December, with the shipment due to land in late January or early February.

Once PSS have arrived and pre-committed reservations are confirmed, we’ll be sharing the full spot line up along with more information on the coffees. With volumes from this season so low, we encourage those excited to feature lots from specific farms, processing methods or flavour profiles to reach out early and let us know your requests! Our team is intimately familiar with these offerings and can share recommendations or make a note to send you samples once available! 


We’ve recently confirmed our next container from Colombia, which is currently being prepared for export ahead of shipping. 

With Pergamino’s Pedro and Léo in town this week, we’ll be sharing more details about what to expect from this next shipment in person, and share an early tasting of the incoming lots at our upcoming events in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Make sure you secure a spot here to get a sneak peek at these coffees, which won’t be landing until early 2024.